MITX - Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange

For companies large and small, MITX offers forums, promotional opportunities and award recognition programs to develop business opportunities.  With more than 50 events each year, MITX provides members the opportunity to promote their companies to targeted audiences through sponsorships, speaking opportunities and networking.

Here's what you'll miss if you don't join:

  • Business Opportunities.  MITX brings the right combination of industry professionals and leading practitioners together at thought-provoking panel discussions to help members stay current on business trends, make new business contacts and maintain valuable relationships.
  • Professional Development. Programs and Forums are designed to help members continue to develop their business, technical and professional skills. 
  • Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities. Sponsorship opportunities for a majority of MITX industry events provide members with much needed exposure, allowing them to create a buzz or get networked into the community.
  • Publicity & Promotion.  MITX's various communications vehicles: website, e-mails, and social media channels offer publicity opportunities for members to promote company news and announcements to MITX's constituency of over 7,500 industry executives and professionals.
  • Awards Program. MITX hosts one of the region's largest industry award competitions, The MITX Awards. This program recognize outstanding achievements in the creation of technology applications, and interactive projects designed, produced and/or developed in New England.
  • Networking. Social and effective networking events take place throughout the year including the MITX Exchange.

For more information, please contact Lauren Cohen, Marketing & Membership Coordinator, at 617-871-2155 x704.


Why are you a MITX member?

"Being closely involved with MITX is a no-brainer for any company directly or peripherally involved in the digital industry in New England. We've been active in MITX (and its predecessors) for more than a decade, and the value of participation is one of the few things in this industry that has remained constant over the years." - Tim Bourgeois, Founder & Partner, East Coast Catalyst