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Corporate Members Detail

Drizly Inc.
Address 334 Boylston Street
Floor 3
BostonMA 02116
Phone 00
Founded In
Drizly is transforming the way alcohol is shopped, sold and shared. We demand convenience in all facets of life — shopping for clothes, groceries, furniture.Why should shopping for alcohol be any different? Drizly began in 2012 when two friends, co-founders Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson, were curious why they couldn't get beer delivered when nearly everything else had become so readily available through technology. By building a platform that combines competitive prices and the widest selection online, Drizly brings the liquor store right to your smartphone. By partnering with local retailers, the beverages come to you when and where you want them. Drizly's tools and technology are transforming the way retailers run their businesses and together we are committed to delivering a superior shopping experience for you, the customer. We currently serve customers of legal drinking age in 40 markets across U.S. and Canada. “Why can't you get beer delivered?"- Nick “Because it's illegal, you idiot." - Justin The question was too good and the answer was unfulfilling. So our founders did what any enterprising 21 and 22 year old would—they Googled it. By the time the sun rose the next morning, the Mass Liquor code had revealed to Justin and Nick that alcohol delivery was in fact legal in Massachusetts. It just didn't quite say how...

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